Spring Into Spring

Total Body Rejuvenation

Cleansing Foods, Therapeutic Yoga, Meditation, Energy Healing

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Live in each season as it passes, breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit.

- Henry David Thoreau -

When you align your health focus with the energy of the season, you activate the body's innate capacity to heal itself."

- Christine M. Okezie -

A Seasonal Approach To Nutrition & Mind Body Vitality

Nature's cycles affect not only the external climate but our bodies and mental well being. Ancient healing systems have long recognized as the weather changes so too does the need to adapt our habits and nourishment to maintain health.

Spring is the energy of new growth, a time to shed our "winter coat" of insulation. This is the time we need self care routines designed to clear stagnation and toxic anger from our physical and energetic bodies and cultivate the courage to move forward.

This program will teach you how to keep a healthy body from both the physical and subtle perspectives combining the best of ancient healing and modern medical science.

Ease the Spring transition and learn what you can do to avoid colds, headaches, allergies, joint pain, muscle injuries, mood swings, energy slumps, frustration and insomnia.

Support your body with a genuinely holistic approach eating lighter foods (**Live Cooking Demo), herbal medicine and specialized yoga postures, breathing exercises and meditation to help clear the bodymind of stagnant energy.

Release Hidden Stress

Fill your self care kit with energy healing techniques including healing meditations, clearing practices and acupressure self massage, ,.

Improve Mental Health

Meditation and conscious breathing have potent neurophysiological effects to uplift mood and create a sense of well being.

Improve Joint Mobility and Circulation

Lean yoga exercises to strengthen your musculoskeletal system and aid digestion, and elimintation.

Reboot Your Eating

There are so many dietary systems out there and it can feel overwhelming. Learning to sync up with the seasons can be an empowering way to nourish your body.

Make Friends With Your Body

Stress and body image issues are a vicious cycle. The calming effects of yoga along with its tenets of self compassion and acceptance are a powerful path to healing unhealhy beliefs about our bodies.

Release Toxic Emotions

Pent up anger, resentment and frustration create energetic blockages that have very real effects on our health and physiology.

7 Weeks Every Wed Starts 3/17

Via Zoom Choice Of:

Day Session (11am-12:45pm)

Evening Session (6pm-7:45pm)

What To Expect

Even if you have never done yoga or meditation before this class is for you.

If you have a Mind you can receive all the health benefits.

If sitting on the floor is not available to you, you can do all the seated execises in a regular chair.

Gentle Postures  


Conscious Breathing  

Self Relection Journaling

Group Discussion

Healthy Eating and Cooking Tips 

About Me

I am a Natural Foods Chef, Holistic Nutritionist and Life Coach, I have training in Energy Medicine and I am a Certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher.

I am passionate about the body's innate self healing abilities and believe that health is a state of harmony of the body, mind and spirit.

For the last 10 years, I have been guiding people with a genuinely whole-istic approach to todays most prevalent health issues including weight management, insulin resistance, digestive problems, chronic fatigue, anxiety, body image struggles and emotional eating,

Visit me at: www.energeticnourishment.com

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