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Yoga Therapy For Balancing Hormones

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The science of yoga and meditation allows you to rediscover a sense of wholeness in your life, where you do not feel like you are constantly trying to fit broken pieces together .

- BKS Iyengar -

Why yoga and meditation? - More inner awareness, more stillness, more ease in your life - all that supports healthier lifestyle choices for the long term.

- Christine M. Okezie -

The Experience of Hormone Yoga Therapy

Hormone Yoga Therapy is the research backed application of yoga postures, breathing exercises and meditation to treat health conditions. It works by strengethening the nervous system and balancing the endocrine system.

This specialized group experience is designed to support the health of our heart, lungs, thyroid, digestive organs and adrenals, all of which are critical for a healthy metabolism and a strong immune system.

Through the path of therapeutic yoga and meditation we can cultivate harmony within and strengthen our relationship with our body.

Reduces Chronic Stress

All the techniques help you feel more calm by lowering cortisol, reducing muscle tension and lowering blood pressure,.

Improves Mental Health

The powerful neurophysiological effects reduce anxiety, uplift mood, shift mental outlook and create a sense of well being.

More Energy, Fitness & Vitality

By forming different poses while keeping the breath rhythmic and controlled, your body feels relaxed and energized at the same time .

Promotes Positive Habit Change

One of the biggest benefits is awareness which increases mindfulness and emotional regulation which are key for lasting behavioral changes around food and self care.

Heals Body Image Issues

Stress and body image issues are a vicious cycle. The calming effects of yoga along with its tenets of self compassion and acceptance are a powerful path to healing unhealhy beliefs about our bodies.

Dissolves Negative Self Talk

You slow down and get into your body and out of your head connecting you more to your true self versus the dialogue that may be running you.

7 Weeks Every Wed Starts Jan. 20th Via Zoom Choice Of:

Day Session (11am-12:45pm)

Evening Session (6pm-7:45pm)

What To Expect

Even if you have never done yoga or meditation before this class is for you.

If you have a Mind you can receive all the health benefits.

If sitting on the floor is not available to you, you can do all the seated execises in a regular chair.

Gentle Postures  


Conscious Breathing  

Self Relection Journaling

Group Discussion

Healthy Eating and Cooking Tips 

About Me

I am a Natural Foods Chef, Holistic Nutritionist and Life Coach, I have training in Energy Medicine and I am a Certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher.

I am passionate about the body's innate self healing abilities and believe that health is a state of harmony of the body, mind and spirit.

For the last 10 years, I have been guiding people with a genuinely whole-istic approach to todays most prevalent health issues including weight management, insulin resistance, digestive problems, chronic fatigue, body image struggles and emotional eating,

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