Christine Okezie

New Program:
Making Peace with Food

"The Art of Pleasurable Weight Loss" -
Six Week Group Coaching

Group Closed

Dear Friend,

Join me on this transformational journey to making peace with food, weight and your body. We will meet weekly on Wednesdays for 6-Weeks beginning on:

Wednesday, Sept. 20th 6:30pm-8:30pm

If you want to stop yo-yo dieting, worrying and stressing so much about healthy eating, put and end to uncontrollable cravings and feel happier and healthier in your body, then this Program will be extremely valuable to you.

"Losing weight is a mind game - Change your Mind. Change your Body"
  • You'll get the essential information missing from the vast majority of weight loss programs. How to change your MINDSET and use your thoughts to create the health your desire.

  • You'll get to the root cause of your unwanted habits and self sabotaging behaviors so you can feel more in control regardless of life's distractions and changing circumstances.

  • You'll learn how to rewire your brain and re-condition your body for long lasting changes.

  • You'll discover how shifting your beliefs about food, weight and your SELF is the key to acheiving your desired weight and body shape.

  • You'll discover the power of health coaching and the supportive circle of women who are courageous enough to look their anxiety, overwhelm, boredom and resistance to take time for themselves directly in the eye and crack the code to having the health they deserve.

Sure we’re going to talk about food, recipes (and enjoy yummy food demos!)  — but this program is going to support you where you need it most.  This is why food really does have the power to transform your life.

Your Investment: Just $347

Sorry! The Group is Closed...Check back soon for the next one Spring 2018