Christine Okezie

Group Program:
"Change Your Mind, Change Your Body"

"The Art of Pleasurable Weight Loss"
Six Week Group Coaching


Dear Friend,

Join me on this transformational journey to making peace with food, weight and your body. We will meet weekly on Wednesdays for 6 consecutive Weeks beginning on: May 2nd.

Wednesday, May 2nd 6:30pm-8:30pm

Are you in a health rut? Frustrated with your efforts to lose weight? Worn down by negative thoughts about your body? Have stubborn habits that you've tried to change with no lasting success? If you are ready for a whole new dialogue about food, weight and well being, this Program will be extremely valuable to you.

Check out what past participants have shared:

This program is life changing. Christine makes you aware of how you need to listen to your body and be kind in taking care of yourself. Through her powerful presentations you discover the role family, friends and food plays in your life. She then gives you tools to enhance your life. She ends her program by feeding you with delicious healthy foods to nurture you and teach you how to use healthy ingredients. I highly recommend this program. - Donna M.

Before meeting and engaging with Christine and this program I had tried many "diet" plans. I was always successful when I committed to whatever the diet entailed. I always could lose the weight ... but... it always came back because I didn't address the real underlying issues and the biology of my body. It was always the same, eat less calories, work out more, and the weight would go. When I went back to eating normally and not restricting myself, the weight returned. Then I would feel bad that I couldn't be strong. With this program, I have lost weight and I have maintained it. I have also found an inner peace with food. I eat using informed choices, I eat pleasurably, I eat with mindfulness, and I eat knowing that I am going to get to my goal over time. That goal now is not just a number on a scale but a sense of feeling good, sleeping better, and being happy with me, as I am right now. - Debra F.

This program has truly transformed the way I eat and the way I think about food. I've always eaten quite well, but having guidelines has helped me to understand how to put things together in a way that really don't have cravings now. And, I no longer feel guilty about eating. I have become more mindful in my approach not just to food, but to taking care of myself. - Melissa G.

I decided to join the program because previous programs run by Christine have helped me make healthy changes in an enjoyable way. My challenges have and will continue to be finding ways to make health a priority, even when life becomes hectic and busy. Christine's programs are always new and fresh, no matter how many times I participate in them. The novelty of new information and recipes combined with review of basic information about creating a healthy and joyful life make this particular program and every program unique, fun, and educational. It is truly an individual journey, enhanced by fellow travelers. Christine leads us through many fascinating adventures! - Elizabeth I.

"Losing weight is a mind game - Change your Mind. Change your Body"
  • You'll get the essential information missing from the vast majority of weight loss programs. How to change your MINDSET and use your thoughts to create the health and the weight your desire.

  • You'll walk away knowing that you are your most powerful healer and get essential strategies to harnass that expertise to empower your health and your metabolism.

  • You'll learn life changing tools to transform your negative inner monologue into one that empowers and catapults you to a place of health and well being.

  • You'll discover a deeper more empowering relationship with food, weight and Self so that you can feel more comfortable in your own skin and lighter in relation to the world around you.

  • You'll discover the power of health coaching and the supportive circle of women who are courageous enough to look their anxiety, overwhelm and resistance to take time for themselves directly in the eye and reconnect with the truth of who they really are.

Sure we’re going to talk about food, recipes (and enjoy yummy food demos!)  — but this program is going to support you where you need it most.  This is why food really does have the power to transform your life.

Your Investment Is Just $447 (Before Apr 15th)

I'm Ready to Change My Mind So I Can Change My Body